A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Play as an art school student trying to get through the college semester. Make choices about friendships, classes and living alone that lead to different endings. Just try your best! 


trying_my_best.rar 23 MB


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I finally got around playing this game and I must say, this vn is really charming! The art style, especially the bgs, is cute (though I find the arm-less chibi characers quite odd. But if that's a stylistic choice, I wouldn't mind). I very much adore the pixel art used here.

The dialogue is written well and I like that we can make a lot choices, but I wonder, is this vn abandoned? Because this is just a short demo. I would very well like to play the full game if it is out. 

This was the first visual novel I enjoyed and could relate to. So good job on this. The art was fitting and underlines the experience very well.

Please make your game page look better. Set the colors in the theme and add screenshots otherwise nobody can really see whats behind.

And whats behind is wonderful!